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Instant Hedges!

Practicality Brown specialise in the supply of quality specimen and semi mature screening trees offering immediate impact on any landscape project. At  their  nursery, they stock a wide range of containerised specimen trees, both evergreen and deciduous. For larger projects they draw upon their  relationship with 26 Northern European specialist growers to ensure that they can offer the most comprehensive range of trees available in the UK. Their range includes: Semi mature trees (avenues, clumps, screening, etc.) Specimen trees (focal points  etc.) Screening trees Evergreen screening...

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Crushing and mulching

Suitable for tractors, with a power class between 150 and 250 HP, the Seppi Star soil tiller and stone crusher, is equipped with a new traction system that simplifies work by ensuring greater efficiency. Amongst these are soil-tiling to a depth of 40 cm, crushing stones with a min. diameter of 30 cm and mulching wood with a diameter of 40 cm. The two speed gearbox enables a reduction from 1000rpm to 540rpm while maintaining the speed of the PTO of the tractor at 100rpm. Therefore, this feature results in higher torque and better processing during both mulching wood (fast pace) and milling rocks...

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Formerly a service facility for the 2012 Olympics, Drapers Field was redesigned by Kinnear Landscape Architects (KLA) as a vibrant community space, improving sport and play provision and encouraging more children into activity both play and sport. The area uses a wave theme, with pre-fabricated modular concrete going through the site, the waves extending throughout the landscape, creating grass waves perfect for running over, rolling down. Ben Smith of Kinnear Landscape Architect at KLA comments:- “The corrugated surface - or waves – are fundamental to the scheme allowing the whole space...

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