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Warning…wear a mask !

Gregor Campbell, is joining doctors this autumn to warn landscapers who have asthma or a weak immune system to be on alert for a deadly fungus that lurks in compost heaps and in piles of rotting leaves. Experts advise wearing masks to protect against the microscopic dust that is given off when rotting leaf, plant and tree mulch is moved, particularly when people tidy up their gardens in preparation for winter. Father of three Gregor (47) knows first-hand the devastating affect the fungus can have. Two years ago he developed a chronic fungal infection after cutting up wet and rotting logs...

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Continue to Learn 2015 at BTME 2015 is off to a flying start with bookings pouring in - and if you’re a young greenkeeper looking to improve your career prospects and make the next move it’s vital for you to attend. It’s important to note that Continue to Learn and the Turf Managers’ Conference is not just for Course Managers and Head Greenkeepers – in fact this year the focus more than ever is on Assistant Greenkeepers. The offering covers everything assistants need to progress in their career including mechanics, budgeting, people management, managing conflict and grass identification. Tom...

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